“She has the capacity to focus on the big picture, while never losing sight of the details that make the difference”. Client at GGK Creative Advertising Agency

“Prior to Elli’s arrival at First Funds the overall marketing strategy was disjointed ( at best ). She was solely responsible for establishing First Funds as a national ” brand ” across multiple media. This branding strategy continues to provide new business opportunities through our referral and direct marketing channels. In my opinion , Elli is a turnkey solution for any company seeking to increase market presence with limited resources.” February 19, 2009

John Wiegand , Director of Sales , First Funds, LLC
managed Elli indirectly at First Funds LLC


“Since our initial encounter in 2001, I’ve consistently been amazed at Elli’s talents and abilities in marketing and business positioning/promotion. Our business relationship has spanned seven years and three companies and the work we’ve produced together has achieved the utmost in creativity, strategy and results. Elli has the uncanny ability to provide strategic thinking, concept development and creativity, while being an action-oriented and organized team member. Her skills in working creatively with an international eye are as unparalleled as my experiences working with her to develop branding campaigns, identity systems, stationery and promotional pieces, web sites and trade shows, and comprehensive sales and marketing strategies. I’m proud of the work we’ve produced together and firmly believe the incredible skills she provides make her not only a valuable, but integral asset to any team.” November 24, 2008

Don Citarella , Creative Director , era//404 Creative Group, Inc.


“I had the pleasure of working closely with Elli Strauss while at First Funds LLC. Elli Strauss is a dynamic, energetic, detail oriented professional who thinking is innovative and “out of the box”.

Shelly Laird , VP of Strategic Partnerships , First Funds, Inc.
worked directly with Elli at First Funds LLC


“Elli readily demonstrated her ability to manage complex marketing and strategic planning projects that required consultation with top management and with service providers. Her focus on the efforts at hand resulted in a number of successful projects, some of which were presented to her by management and most of which were the result of her creative insight and initiative. All of her projects were achieved with a close eye to difficult budget constraints while maintaining good working relationships with her contract service providers. She is experienced in her field and was a valued colleague; I recommend her highly.” December 11, 2008

Cortes DeRussy , Director, Special Projects , Northern Leasing Systems, Inc.
managed Elli at First Funds LLC


“Having Elli as a mentor through AWNY’s Mentoring Program was a privilege. Through her keen listening and sincere feedback, she provided me with expert advice and insight that has helped sculpt my career. She has an immense knowledge of marketing and branding and went out of her way to provide me with materials to broaden my knowledge. I hope to continue our rapport in the future.” September 28, 2009

Mary Scott , Account Executive , Bodden Partners

“Elli is a very determined and driven person. She was instrumental in organizing and implementing our first ever Merchant Direct mailing campaign. She was directly involved in creating our personalized mailings to our valued Customers and was able to do so under strict budget constraints. She was a easy to work with and always had good insight on the matter at hand. I highly recommend Elli for any and all Marketing needs a company might have.” December 17, 2008

David Lichtman , Director of Renewal Sales , First Funds


“I had the privilege of working with Elli as one of Lebhar Friedman’s key accounts in the Financial Sector. Elli is one of the most detail oriented and creative marketing professionals I have ever worked with. She was always looking at new and innovative ways to represent First Funds to the NRN audience in the most cost effective and effcient way. Elli is extremely intelligent and a very dedicated professional. First and foremost, she has a deep understanding of marketing principles and how best to apply the right strategy for the company and product she is representing. Elli would be a valuable asset to any organization she joins.”
Neil Hochman , Online Sales Manager , Lebhar-Friedman


“Elli was very results oriented and professional in reinventing the corporate image. She was crucial in developing a clear and friendly interface with our clients. Elli dedication to these projects insured there success. I highly recommend Elli.” December 8, 2008

Cliff Hardwick , Chief Operations Officer , First Funds, LLC.
managed Elli at First Funds LLC


“It was a pleasure working with Elli. She is a polished professional with a wealth of knowledge that she makes accessible to others around her. In the three years that I worked with Elli, she demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a tireless work ethic. She is also a great people person forging relationships that prove invaluable. Elli’s commitment to excellence is unparalleled and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”

Amy Hayworth , Senior Claims Associate , Claims Conference
worked directly with Elli at Claims Conference


“As the advertising agency Account Director leading global branding, Elli Strauss helped me greatly as I headed up External Corporate Communications for Asea Brown Boveri, a $30 Billion multinational based in Zurich Switzerland. Not only is Elli a gifted marketer, she sets ego aside to get the job done. Having Elli on my team at ABB enabled great image and awareness building solutions for the company.”

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative

John Chamberlain
hired Elli as a Advertising Professional in 1992 , and hired Elli more than once

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