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My solutions are based on a holistic approach that begins with communication with stakeholders, owners, potential users (Facebook fans?) and of course the client whose brand I am building or updating with care. I listen, watch, analyze, listen again.  I learn from the stories of brands that move people and markets.

A well honed- sense of design – understanding what works – is key to my development of a comprehensive brand strategy – corporate or consumer, regardless if this involves revitalizing an existing brand or building a new one.  Obviously there’s more to a brand than logo and color or even tagline.  But that is the first interaction with the customer or user, it creates an initial impression that sets the tone for their relationship.

Building the Brand cannot be divorced from building the business. This requires research, strategy, design, and a thorough understanding of what the brand intends to project and the business goals it is mean to drive.

Brand Positioning:  Critical aspects are: vision, mission, value and culture of the enterprise that is behind (or is the brand) as well as market, social environment and potential target audiences…all that must be defined at the outset.

Integrated Marketing

The ultimate holistic solution based on business (and, if relevant, brand) objectives require strategic planning and execution of marketing programs from corporate brochures, sales collateral to  corporate and retail websites, trade shows, trade marketing. The use of an optimum mix of media and communications channels – based on target audience definition and budget parameters – to achieve business building objectives.

Website development & management: A MUST for any business large or small – its online presence or home.  A key component of the most basic marketing , brand and awareness building and interaction with current and potential customers. Concept, design and content tailored to meet strategic and business objectives.  Content is managed and updated on a regular basis.

Direct Marketing:  A supplementary or basic element of the marketing mix to target specific audiences with clearly defined objectives, using focused messages online and off (print).

Advertising: Usually a key component of the marketing mix as defined by brand strategy and business building objectives. Involves media strategy – customized to focus on online and/or traditional (print, TV),  creative strategy, execution and oversight of international global but local  B2B and B2C campaigns.  Image building, product launches, product promotion.

Mobile Marketing: A fairly new and increasingly important extension of the interactive space. Focuses on the ubiquitous cell phone as a vehicle for building business by engaging target audiences, providing direct incentives for sales as well as meaningful content to build relationships and customer loyalty.  A fast, effective method for building an opt-in database, focused targeting via data mining, mobile marketing is is one of the most cost effective and results-driven tools in the marketing tool box.

On the following pages  you will find examples of the solutions I have provided as marketing leader , brand strategist, director of brand standards and creative development, writer,  translator or simply as the person who connects the dots that deliver results.

Language Services: Ad concepts and content, headlines, original text in English and German, simultaneous interpretation and translation from German to English, English to German, French to English and German, Hebrew to English and German.

“Advertising is persuasion and persuasion is not a science, but an art”
–William Bernbach, member, Advertising Hall of Fame

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