For over 20 years I helped clients build their global brands in a broad range of industries, expanding their share of market by creating and implementing targeted, integrated marketing programs. Synthesizing creativity with innovative strategic thinking and and intuitive relationship building skills with a hands-on approach to team-based management, I established a reputation for delivering results.

Based for many years in multilingual Switzerland, a gift for languages – I am fluent in German, Swiss German, French and a few more – has been a key factor in my ability to communicate effectively on an international scale, with a sensitivity to cultural and linguistic nuances. Given a strong sense of design and a degree in art,  in tandem with superb writing, speaking and presentation skills,  a successful career as an  international brand specialist was natural.

Although art and design continue to be abiding passions, today my focus is on translating, interpreting or “transcreating”  concepts and messages from one language to the next.

In fact, that is exactly what I do:  connecting people and markets through language.


More about how  I can provide effective, high quality and cost-effective communications solutions tailored to your needs on the following pages.

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